Welcome to Distinct!
You may have heard about CrossFit and all the benefits of this strength and conditioning program. By combining weight lifting, plyometrics, kettle bells, rings, medicine balls and more, CrossFit exercises help create the perfect fitness routine for everyone.  

Are you wondering if CrossFit is right for you? Are you wondering if you would be able to do a CrossFit workout? We have your answer: Yes! CrossFit is for everyone. From beginners to elite athletes, young to old, novice to professional, you can rest assured that CrossFit is a routine you can do, and you will see amazing results!

One important factor to keep in mind is that all CrossFit workouts are scaled to individual ability, and at Distinct CrossFit we will make sure you can do the workout. While the exercise itself may not be substituted, we will help you complete the workout by scaling the weight, resistance, or intensity to a load that is manageable yet challenging. We get to know our athletes at Distinct CrossFit, and we would never have someone who has only done an occasional workout do the same exercises at the same intensity as a seasoned athlete.  

Each workout or class is a group session where members are working on the same WOD (workout of the day), all at different levels and pace, and all under the supervision of a CrossFit coach. You will receive personal coaching during each group session. Every class is led by a CrossFit coach to help ensure proper form and execution and to help you reach your goals in a positive, exciting atmosphere. You will be encouraged and challenged and exhilarated all at the same time.  

We will take care of your exercise needs at Distinct CrossFit to help make sure you reach your goals, no matter what your fitness level is. The functional movements of CrossFit will help improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination, all of which will allow you to feel better and stronger and get through each day with more energy. Once you come to Distinct CrossFit and experience one of our workouts, you will not want to go back to your big box gym.

If you are looking for a change you need to come to Distinct CrossFit. We have an inviting, fun, and encouraging, environment. You will not be intimidated by our coaches or our workouts. Come try us and experience the difference. Your first session is always free. Call us or email us today to get started on a fitness journey that will change how you look and feel.  

We take pride in our box, our clients, and our CrossFit community.